Water purification equipment diagnostic sales skills

[China Glass Network] First, bid farewell to scare sales

Another news about water quality is covered by online media and paper media. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has conducted a survey on the quality of drinking water in cities across the country, but the results have not been released so far. Many industry insiders said that the actual pass rate of this test is only 50. About % of the news. Similar news has been common in recent years. Surface water pollution, groundwater exceeding the standard, and pipeline aging have become commonplace. Consumers have already listened to it and then indifference.

From the media to the public education, coupled with the publicity of many manufacturers of water purification equipment, consumers have a deep understanding of the importance of healthy drinking water, the effectiveness of water purification equipment has been recognized. Water purification equipment sales outlets have been fully covered from appliance stores, building materials stores, specialty stores, group purchases, and community stores. Water purification equipment no longer needs to educate consumers.

But at this stage, the shopping guide sales method of each sales outlet is still based on intimidation: take out a single page or various media reports, let customers see the seriousness of water pollution around them, what biological pollution, domestic pollution, chemical pollution Then tell you what pollutants are in the water, which are carcinogenic, which causes what kind of lesions and other intimidating words. Either the method of drinking water from clean water to boiled water to tap water, and deep analysis into bottled water, what are the drawbacks of the previous drinking methods. Such intimidation is not the same.

When conducting sales refining and training programs for Qinyuan Water Purification Equipment, I conducted a sample survey of consumers on the spot: 90% of the customers knew about the current problems with tap water and prepared for the purchase of water purification equipment. . That is to say, the water purification equipment industry is developing, and the awareness level of consumers is also increasing. When consumers enter the store before they have already agreed with the basic functions of the products, when preparing for the purchase, the guides need to target the unique personnel of the customers. In-depth understanding of the structure, water quality, and living characteristics, and then based on the characteristics of customers, a targeted introduction. That is diagnostic sales!

Second, the content of the diagnosis

Think about a few questions first:

1) What is the difference in equipment requirements between cabinets and cabinets?

2) What is the difference between the new house and the old house?

3) What is the difference in demand for equipment on the 2nd and 10th floors?

4) What is the difference between restaurants and households?

5) What equipment is needed to have a bathtub in the house?

Different installation locations, different living habits, different uses, and different houses have different requirements for water purification equipment.

1. The salesperson who lives there, first understand the water related knowledge. In the same city, the water quality of different water plants is different. Different water quality requires different water equipment, so the first thing to understand is where the customers live. But behind this, sales personnel need to be familiar with the distribution of water plants, water quality, and pipe network in their cities.

Examples of speech:

“Zhengzhou has five water plants with “four big ones and one small one”, namely Shifo Water Plant, Shiyuan Water Plant, Baimiao Water Plant, Dongzhou Water Plant and Well Water Plant, and the water quality and pipeline age of each water plant. It is different. The water quality of the Dongwan Water Plant, which is newly built in the Eastern District, is much better. The water used by the Liuwan Water Plant to be used in the next year is the water from the South-to-North Water Transfer. Different water quality uses different water purification equipment. Where do you live?”

2. Floor structure:

The high-rise buildings are all in secondary water supply, and the pollution of the secondary water supply is more serious. Different floors have different needs.

Customers live on the 6th floor or above: 10th floor? You will really choose a house, and the light on the 10th floor is particularly good. However, the floors above the 6th floor are subject to secondary pressurized water supply. The storage tanks on the roof are generally untreated and the bacteria will be more. Customers above the 6th floor are buying R-grade water purification equipment.

Customers live below the 6th floor: 3rd floor? My family also lives on the 3rd floor. You don't have to waste time waiting for the elevator. Do you want to completely remove the scale or 70% descaling?

(The above section is selected from Mr. Jing Yue's "Diayuan Water Purification Equipment Diagnostic Sales Speech Training")

3. The content that needs to be diagnosed is as follows:

1) Renovation progress: Hydropower has been laid, water and electricity have not been laid, cabinets have been installed, cabinets are not installed 2) Where are installed: wall hangings, cabinets (large sinks, cabinet panel materials, soap liquid holes)

3) Lifestyle: love to drink tea, love coffee, love to bathe, etc. 4) Family members: old people, children, total number of people, etc. 5) Housing structure:

1 kitchen 1 guard:

1 kitchen 2 guard:

The kitchen is close to the bathroom:

The kitchen is far from the bathroom:


Through the diagnosis of the system, then tell the customer that this product is more suitable for your needs!

Third, establish selection criteria

The core of the water purification equipment is the filter element. How to choose the filter element that suits you. How to combine the filter elements is better. It is necessary to help the customer to establish the selection criteria. For example, the selection criteria of PP cotton filter element: 123 rule.

1掂:掂 Weight:

2 use: hard knock, blisters 3 look: look at the craft, see the color, look at the brand
Examples of speech:

Look at the process: There are two kinds of PP cotton processes, one is melt-blown and the other is wire-wound. You see, this is a melt-blown type, which is melted at a high temperature, and then pressed together with a 360° rotating high temperature of an air gun. The outside is embossed to form a contaminated hole with high precision, the same size inside and outside the filter hole, and fine filtering. Fully protect the next filter element. This is a wire-wound type, which is wound up one by one with a layer. You can see that it is dropped by a thin tear. The mesh is large, uneven, low in density, and the filtering effect is poor. The life of the next filter will be Shorten.

Look at the color: These two are the filter elements that the customer has replaced. You see that the wire-wound type is yellow silt from the outside to the inside. The melt-sprayed sediment mainly collects in the external pollution hole, and the outer yellow is white. Moreover, the patted sand is lost, the cleaning is convenient, and the service life is twice that of the wire winding type.

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