Prince family fashion underwear interpretation of luxury European style

From the Italian fashion underwear brand princes family 2012 dedication Delicate new, inherited the past, the design of luxury fashion makes people feel that the emperor's family brand connotation charm, high-end craft production to meet the urban women on the quality of life and details Requirements, the new Prince of the family once again the European luxury style interpretation of the most vividly.


The princely family lingerie brand is the underwear brand owned by the prince's family brand marketing center. The emperor's family brand lingerie pays attention to the ultimate pursuit of product quality. At the same time, the company has a well-trained and skilled workforce, fully grasp the technology, , To ensure every detail and step perfect.

皇子家族时尚内衣 演绎奢华欧陆风格

Prince brand underwear brand high-level design, are from the hands of famous Italian designers. For a certain quality of life and insights, the pursuit of individuality, sexy, mature, elegant women tailored. Outstanding brand image, unique distinctive store style, rich in deep cultural connotation of products in peer companies formed a unique brand management culture.

Pant is designed worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately and and may be held up by our own designed fastenings, a belt or suspenders. Our Jeans, made of denim or dungaree, are a form of trousers for casual wear, now suitably worn by both sexes. Considering we have more kids products, we are trying use more natural cloth which are perfect for their skins and environment as well.


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