Shulan Hand Chinese Film Directors Association Charm Bloom Awards ceremony

Recently, with the theme of "struggle, love, cohesion and inheritance", the film industry in China, the 2011 movie commendation ceremony, was grandly held in Beijing. The commendation ceremony is sponsored by the China Film Directors' Association. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it uses the eyes of the director group to examine the annual film works and express professional voices and opinions. Shulan joined hands with China Film Directors 'Association to become the designated women's wear director of the 2011 Film Directors' Association and the first women's wear company to cooperate with China Film Directors Association. At the same time, Mr. Wu Jianmin, Chairman of Shu Lun, was invited to attend the event.


"2011 Film Awards - Wu Jianmin Chairman (first from right) and 2011 Best Actress Zhang Ziyi (second from left) photo

At the commendation ceremony, more than 200 directors including Feng Xiaogang, Jiang Wen, Li Shaohong, Hou Hsiao-hsien and Chen Ke-xin attended the ceremony. Stars, such as Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Xu Fan, Xu Jinglei, Chen Kun and articles attended the ceremony. The commendation ceremony has a total of eight annual awards including director, film, annual young director, annual screenwriter, annual male actress and actress, director of lifetime achievement and annual director of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among them, Jiang Wen's "let the bullets fly" will undoubtedly become the winner of the night, including the annual director of the best film and the best actor, Zhang Ziyi by "favorite" by the annual actress.

舒朗牵手中国电影导演协会  魅力绽放颁奖盛典

"2011 Film Awards Ceremony - Mr. Wu Jianmin, Chairman of Shu Lun (second from right) and Xu Jinglei (first from left)

During the annual event, Chairman Wu Jianmin of Shu Lun attended the ceremony and conducted in-depth talks with Li Shaohong, the first female president of the delegation. Both parties indicated that they will further strengthen exchanges and mutual support and enhance long-term cooperation with each other. Shulang women dressed directors, that Shulan represents a cultural symbol of a living attitude, interpretation of each life stage of the constant pursuit of perfection, is in line with the "health, optimism, fashion, Can always beautiful "fashion appeal, tell a colorful woman. At the same time, as the forefront of fashion leader, Shurang women's co-operation with the China Film Directors Association, not only for the event into a deep serenity and fashion elements, but also fully reflects the fashion industry and entertainment industry harmony and blend , To help this year's event draw a perfect period, for the domestic art exchange has made a positive contribution.

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