Elegant woman, gorgeous turn, AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's brave innovation without fear of challenge

2012 most fashionable women to join , AIMISUO Amy Suo women's brand to join. AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's brand franchisee marriage directly with a strong department store, with outstanding terminal franchisee cooperation. AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's brand all direct or most direct mode of "direct control of the terminal" strategy will gradually increase, the provincial agency will be closer to the brand management agency. "The reason why European and American women's wear throughout Asia and throughout the world All occupy a very important position, an important reason is because of the quality of its products.AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's small and medium-sized enterprises, take the "brand of the road" is the only way.


2012 most fashionable women to join, AIMISUO Amy Suo women's brand to join. AIMISUO · Amy Suo women rely on large-scale, collectivized procurement advantages to reduce costs, the perfect sales service to ensure the distribution of suppliers and ultra-low-cost sales, of course, consumers are crazy to buy, rush to buy, sell more, plus AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's clothing with a strong purchasing channels, long-term domestic and international brands and women's clothing contract, to ensure adequate supply of supplies, but also to bypass many agency channels, and effectively reduce the business Cost to a comprehensive hot market selling prices lower than similar products, sales speed is much higher than similar products!

2012 most fashionable women to join , AIMISUO Amy Suo women's brand to join. AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's investment advantages and benefits Obviously, AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's large-scale take the goods lead to low prices, rich variety gives a wide choice, AIMISUO · Amy Suo women's self-service shopping pick random, Try to make people enjoyable.

Target consumer groups: 20-40-year-old fashion white-collar workers, urban new women, the pursuit of quality, intelligent, elegant intellectual woman.
Spring and summer price range: 169 yuan -699 yuan autumn and winter price range: 269 yuan -1999 yuan free service hotline:
Address: China Humen Town, Dongguan first industrial zone A10 Building Tel:

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