Shady Zeineldine 2012 spring and summer dress series fashion blockbuster

Middle East designer Shady Zeineldine brand new 2012 spring and summer dress series of fashion blockbuster, this series is inspired by the desert, when the wind rolled grain yellow sand, the sky is like a flying sand skirt, clothing on Dotted decoration is the sun shining golden glittering sand, if the world really has such a brilliant desert, I am willing to be buried here.

Rayon Bengaline use plain woven organization. The warp is tine wires, and the weft is much thicker than warp. So it has obvious transverse stripe. The fabric surface is clean. After printing, It is used for men's and women's clothing, children's clothes, shoes and hats, sofa covers, etc.Our Rayon Bengaline product is heavy, its weight can be 200-230GSM. The Spec. is (70D+40D)*10.5S.

rayon Bengaline

Rayon Bengaline

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