Modern ladies brand Showy & CO show will debut in 2012 Shenzhen Fashion Show

Modern Shu women brand Showy & CO That show will bring new debut 2012 Shenzhen Fashion Show, Booth: 2E09,2E10,2E11,2E12. Invite you to come!


Someone once said: "Arles's women are the most beautiful in the world." In 1961, a top fashion design team from France came to Arles-South France for sunshine to send the most beautiful gifts to female friends Under the town looking for inspiration.Gorgeous national costumes, flamenco dance passion, deeply shake the beautiful and rebellious soul of several young designers.Art, self-confidence, vitality of these terms continue to impact on several design They bring their creativity and inspiration to Showy & CO. And start their beautiful relationship with women around the world. Showy & CO, the French women's wear brand, was successfully introduced into China by Bangchen Fashion (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in 2011. In the trendy European fashion Essence, highlight the sexy personality, focusing on the basis of quality of life, the show is also more emphasis on the design of comfortable soft sensual, independent temperament and self-confidence, perfect female freedom and fashion life attitude. Whether it is the workplace, entertainment or social gathering , So that every woman seeking independence and self-confidence, always distributed high-profile high-quality taste.

Brand positioning: leading the modern sense of fashion ladies brand, with relaxed, stylish, elegant, romantic, sexy as the main expression, so that every pursuit of independent and confident women, all the time without noticeable femininity, at the same time demonstrate confidence , Competent, focus on exquisite quality of taste.

Target consumers: the backbone of the community white-collar women, they have a successful satisfaction, high-quality pursuit; concerned about the personal image, the pursuit of fashion, beautiful, lean, free and easy, publicity, clear understanding of self needs;

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