ABC nationwide solicitation micro-film protagonist "creators micro-life" contest fiery registration

With the advent of the era of micro, many well-known enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Lenovo, BMW have captured the characteristics of the times, launched with the "micro" related theme activities. Recently, the well-known children's brand ABC launched the "Creator micro-life" network solicitation contest much industry attention, and has been the strong support of many users. May 15 is the annual International Family Day, many parents will choose to take their own children to travel, or take the time to play with their children, hoping to enjoy the happiness of nature. Coincidentally, ABC "Creator Micro Life" Web contest also kicked off on the 15th, which is undoubtedly the first choice for parents. It is understood that, as long as the protagonist meets the age limit of 0-13, parents can upload the works (photos of life, artistic photos, story scripts and videos) related to the "Creators' Life". In addition to the new forms of activities and the simple ways to participate, the prizes are more colorful, including the iphone4s, IPAD3 and Casio Selfie artifacts. The most attractive than - the final winner will have the opportunity to act as ABC Micro Film protagonist, let the child "fame overnight" is no longer a dream! At present, strengthening children's creativity has become an important curriculum for children's education. Especially in Europe and the United States, both teachers and parents, they have always been developing children's creative thinking and imagination as the top priority for educating their children. Taking the United States that advocates open-mindedness as an example, the school not only opens courses in arts education and scientific research and development, but also advocates children's brains in daily life. In our country, nowadays there are also many parents who begin to take more care of the creative thinking of raising children, but excessive early education classes and training courses make the children a little too much. Experts point out that the development of children's ability to create imagination focuses on teaching methods, parents use divergent teaching methods for children in a free thinking environment inspired by inspiration. The activity of "Creators' Micro Life" organized by ABC is well adapted to the current situation of children's education. With the purpose of releasing the child's infinite imagination and creativity, the starting point is the real demand of children's growth. It is reported that activities in the just-launched line soon attracted the active participation of many parents, the scene unusually hot. Many parents said that in addition to the simple participation method and the large number of lucky draws and prizes, the activity is of even greater importance to children's growth and will make a colorful note on their growth record. It is reported that this year, ABC in the "because of love" brand advocate, launched the stage to promote the theme of "love let TA to create ideas", carried out on the basis of this concept of the activity, as ABC "Meng Zhu" network The second wave of competition network activities, is to enrich children's growth, release the imagination of children's thinking an effective platform. As ABC's "Creators' Micro Life" continues to heat up, well-known experts in the industry have analyzed that the activity has two obvious advantages: First, the event found an excellent starting point - "micro-life" as a new era Characteristics, is changing people's attitude and manner of life bit by bit; second, the activity provides a platform for many young parents to show their children, and at the same time stimulates the eyeballs and nerves with generous prizes. For the follow-up to ABC's "Creators' Micro-Life" campaign, many people in the industry have expressed great expectations. ABC keeps up with the pace of the times, organizes numerous activities beneficial to the growth of children through practical exploration and innovation, takes practical actions to care for children's lives and pays attention to children's growth. Today, the "Creator Micro Life" Web contest is hot start, it will show the public what kind of a new world? Let's wait and see!

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