The upcoming designer brand

The Rhema brand, a mature / independent urban career woman, has the mainstream values ​​in current Chinese society, striving for harmony in both personal and social settings, and constantly pursuing breakthroughs in society and dreams. Needle Non-Woven ClothFilter Cloth Fabrics, N-----

2014 spring and summer women Gianfranco Ferre irregular…

Behind every brand, you have the heart to appreciate the power of the bright and stylish, exquisite handmade, spring and summer 2014 women , Gianfranco Ferre designer magical use of their unique eyes, subtle cut, let you experience a never forget her Fashionable zero point. -----

Ice type jade

There are many kinds of jade, and today I am going to introduce you to the ice jade. If you don't know, let's see it together! The ice jade texture is very transparent, but it is slightly worse than the glass. As the name implies, the glass type of jade is as pure-----

Material with the principle of contrast Different textu…

Whether it is version, color or material, with the need to follow certain principles, so that there will be bright spots. For example, in the material with the principle of comparison can be followed, so that material can be exaggerated and enhanced contrast, soft and upright, thick and th-----

How to maintain silverware

Everyone likes silver jewelry! So everyone knows how to maintain it? Silver jewelry is easy to turn black for a long time. If it is not maintained, it will lose its original luster. The following small series will tell you about the maintenance method of silver jewelry, yo-----

Nuoqi: China fashion industry pioneer SPA mode

Nochi (N & Q), the No. 1 Retailer Brand in China's Garment Industry and the Most Successful Apparel Business Model in the Post-IT Age. Not only is fashion designer Nogh not unreasonable, as Notch is not only a commercial brand, but its own brand, N & Q, has been very successful as an em-----

Unpopular jewellery category into the main force of col…

As the saying goes, "Millennium Coral Red", coral is the only life-threatening millennium in jewelry. In recent years, following the skyrocketing prices of jewellery such as diamonds and jadeites, red coral, a relatively unpopular jewellery category, has now beco-----