Lilang Men L2 dreamer journey to open the trend of new …

Shenyang in August is the most passionate season. Once again, Shenyang, once known as the "Oriental Ruhr," once again welcomed the fashion storm. 2012 Shanghai International Model Contest L2 Dreamer Discover The Northeast Division Grand Final ended on the 5th of August with a luxurious-----

Chennai children's brand originates from Hong Kong&…

Kaoru Nye children brand women express romantic distinctive temperament. Fu Chennai children originated in Hong Kong, with a free combination of romantic color, the pursuit of simple, stylish design, high-quality fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship reflects its unique fashion concept. Chennai ch-----

Tips for Office Women Picking Shoes Correctly

[This site - shoes and life] Now because of professional needs, many women's shoes through the high, but the problem of grinding feet and so on is really hard to swallow. Is it OK to wear flat shoes? No, shoes are too flat to cause foot pain. So how do you pick the right shoes? Here are the ti-----

June 2012 China Uncommitted Cotton Sub-Customs Exports

  May-12 FOB Jun-12 FOB Jan.   To   Present %In   Tot Total 1,512.01 2,026.63 5,918.76 2,014.93 8,561.76 100 Qingdao Customs 1,055.91 2,014.47 3,303.48 1,988.67 4,359.39 50.92 In June 2012, the total volume of China's uncompressed cotton exports was 5,918.76 tons, which was-----

Washing notes for silk bedding

1. Washing with cold water, hand washing, gentle hand washing, not machine washable, recommended dry cleaning. 2. It is best to use silk hair lotion to deal with it. All major washing brands have such products. Neutral detergent (such as silk hair, shower gel) wash, do not soak. 3. Once the ai-----

Do China's Triumph or the world's love yarn bab…

At the beginning of the year, Love yarn group publicly challenged Triumph to launch more high-end, more perfect and more cost-effective bras than Triumph. The news that the march to build the first brand of global healthy underwear caused widespread concern among users. For a time, China's Tri-----

Harry Beatty children's clothing to guide children …

Children's expensive at two o'clock, one is healthy and environmental protection, no harm to the child's skin; the second is the natural does not pretend to embody the child's natural innocence nature. People from the forest into the city, now can not abandon the market, so, Harry B-----