Teach you to understand the price range of silk quilts

Silk quilt is a must-have item for every household, but the price of silk quilt is exactly what it takes, let's take it for you.

The silk made of real silk is price; to see the weight of silk contained in silk, the silk quilt currently on the market, the weight of silk varies from 1 kg to 5 kg, the silk is much, the price is higher, and The silk is small, and the price is of course lower. The ex-factory price of 4 kg silk quilt is about 1,000 yuan. Of course, if you want to buy it, the price can be reduced. You can buy it in the off-season for six or seven hundred yuan. The deduction point of the shopping mall is about 30%, that is to say, if the price of a commodity is 1,000 yuan, the mall should take 300 yuan; the profit that the dealer wants to take is about 30%; and at least 20% of the sales. The expenses should be taken out and advertised through the mall; there are also workers' wages, promotion fees, transportation fees, utilities and other expenses. For silks worth 1,000 yuan, if you sell 4,000 yuan, the mall should take 1200 yuan, the dealers should take 1200 yuan, the advertising fee to the mall should be 800 yuan, and the cost of 1,000 yuan, this is not counted. Workers’ wages and other expenses exceed 4,000 yuan, so dealers can only compress their own profit margins. In order to make more money, the dealers can only raise the price. The price of the 1,000 yuan silk quilt is supposed to be six or seven thousand yuan.

The silk quilt made of artificial silk is usually labeled as "100% silk", but the silk is made of fibrous material, similar to space cotton. Although it is not as silky as real silk, it is more fluffy. It is good when you just bought it. However, after using it for a while, the "silk" will clump and cause it to be used normally. Of course, the price of this "silk quilt" is also the lowest. It can only be sold for more than 100 yuan, and it can be sold for three or four hundred yuan. The silk quilt made of silk and cotton is covered with silk layer by layer. A pure mulberry silk is usually laid with dozens of layers of silk. In order to reduce costs, some merchants lay a layer of silk, then put a layer of cotton, or fiber, and then lay the silk, and then cotton or fiber, so that the cost will be much lower. Therefore, in terms of selling price, the price of this silk quilt is only about half or even lower than that of pure silk. The silk quilt made of tussah silk is a quilt made of wild tussah silk in the northeast. Silkworms need artificial stocking, occupying a lot of manpower, and specializing in planting mulberry trees. The cost is large. 4 kilograms of silk is required to be woven by 16,000 silkworms. However, tussah is mainly in the north, is wild, and has low cost. Therefore, the price of tussah silk is much lower than that of mulberry silk. In the market, the price of such silk quilts ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan.

The difference in price is mainly due to the difference in raw materials and processing methods, and the quality of different fiber cottons varies greatly. However, as consumers must look for the brand at the time of purchase, they must choose well-known products, not to greet some small money in front of them, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to their health, give them a comfortable and secure health. Sleep.

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