Small jacket with National Day essential travel equipment

National Day holiday has come, the weather is gradually cool, the mothers should also wear long sleeves for children, is a long T or a small jacket it? Both are indispensable, a small holiday is the best time for family travel, how can a little handsome dress? National Day wear eye-catching look at me. Photo Credit: Karl Fett Children's clothing 2013 autumn new personality T-shirt dress, creative head pattern embellishment, of course, this weather is a T-shirt is not enough Oh. Big difference between morning and evening temperature, so a small jacket on the come in handy, and a navy style black trim, soft cardigan style, lower body with black collapse pants, very nice. Photo Credit: Karl Fett Children's clothing 2013 autumn New National Day travel Want to go? Some families have estimated that it will be ready for departure in the car, or if they are still preparing the beautiful clothes to help their children dress up. The bright colors are the best kids' outfits. Beautiful colors embellish you like traveling. Landscape.

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