Antibacterial appliance standards still need to be improved

Antibacterial appliance standards still need to be improved

Antibacterial appliance standards still need to be improved

A series of antibacterial appliance standards such as antibacterial, sterilization, purification functions and special requirements for antibacterial materials for household and similar electrical appliances have been implemented for more than half a year. However, recent reporters found that for consumers, antibacterial, bactericidal and sterilization A series of concepts are still like watching the flowers in the fog. At the 8th China Antimicrobial Industry Development Conference held recently, experts in the industry pointed out that antibacterial appliance standards still need to be improved, otherwise it will hinder the further development of the antibacterial appliance market.
Concept promotion needs to be strengthened
It should be said that every epidemic outbreak is a powerful catalyst for the development of the antibacterial appliance market. Since the SARS incident in 2003, the standardization of antibacterial appliances has been put on the agenda, but the introduction of the standard can be described as "a long-awaited start." In 2008, the "General Principles for Antibacterial, Sterilization and Purification of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances" was issued and was implemented on March 1, 2009. On September 15, 2011, a series of antibacterial appliance standards such as "Antibacterial, Sterilization, Purification, and Special Requirements for Antibacterial Materials for Household and Similar Electrical Appliances" were officially implemented.
Recently, the reporter found in the appliance store survey that the price of home appliances with antibacterial function is about several hundred yuan higher than similar products. Antibacterial technology is also a variety of terms, such as air conditioning plasma air purification, photocatalyst and other technologies; washing machine in the barrel air drying, silver ions and other antibacterial, antibacterial technology and material applications on the basis of increased UV, nano, ozone, high temperature disinfection The application of sterilization technology; some refrigerators use antibacterial materials in the handles, door seals, etc., and some products claim to use ultraviolet light, nano titanium and other technologies, so that the air inside the refrigerator achieves the effect of sterilization and deodorization.
However, consumers in the survey have reported that they still feel difficult to distinguish between antibacterial and sterilization concepts. "Almost every manufacturer has introduced its own concept of health, and it does not know who is saying it is true. It is even more indistinguishable from the difference between antibacterial, sterilization and sterilization." Consumer Ms. Liu told reporters. Mr. Wang, the consumer, directly pointed out that these concepts are all flickering.
When the reporter asked in depth about the antibacterial and sterilization functions and functions of home appliances, the promoters in the store were also ignorant. A washing machine promoter repeatedly asked the reporter for a product promotion information of the sterilization washing machine, and said that the product does have this function, but she also said that it is not clear, consumers can look at the information. Professional explanation.
"In fact, not only consumers and promoters, but also the relevant responsible persons of some manufacturing companies have to strengthen the understanding of the antibacterial concept." Wei Guo, general manager of Beijing Aisier Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters that as an upstream material and technology supplier, They train a client for three months to six months, because the popularity of antibacterial concepts and common sense is one of the essential tasks before selling products.
The antibacterial industry has broad prospects
“In people's daily lives, the antibacterial effect is not easy to perceive, but a simple example can make people understand.” Zhang Yingzeng, director of the Secretariat of the Antimicrobial Industry Branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, said that In the past, the door seal of the refrigerator was prone to mildew, which not only affected the appearance, but also infected the food with mold. However, the door seal of the refrigerator is now generally coated with antibacterial materials, so the unsightly mold spots are no longer visible on the door seal. He said that the positive effects of antibacterial technology and antibacterial materials on maintaining human health and improving the quality of life cannot be ignored. In China, antibacterial technology is most widely used in the fields of home appliances, textiles and building materials. Haier, Midea, TCL and other home appliance giants have launched antibacterial home appliances. Among them, antibacterial plastics have been widely used in many fields such as home appliances, packaging, etc. due to their light weight, non-corrosion and good insulation. Antibacterial glass is also widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners and other products.
Liu Yuebin, director of product development department of Haier Washing Machine Co., Ltd. said that the company's full-line washing machine products use antibacterial materials in areas such as door frame seals that are prone to bacteria, and the high-end drum washing machine has a high-temperature sterilization function. Zhou Haiyan, general manager of Nanjing Haitai Nanomaterials Co., Ltd., said that for refrigerators, the application of antibacterial materials for internal components such as liners, door linings and fruit and vegetable boxes can not only inhibit the growth of bacteria, but also help the preservation of food. Door seals, door handles, and even antibacterial materials on the outer casing prevent bacterial growth while preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.
"The antibacterial industry has made great progress in Japan under the impetus of the leading industries in Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry." Wei Guo told reporters that when the standard of living is raised to a certain level, people will be antibacterial in life. Technology and antimicrobial material applications create demand. With the development of China's economy, the antibacterial industry will inevitably have broad prospects in China.
Standard revision is on the agenda
Although the relevant standards have been implemented for more than half a year, the reporter found in the survey of home appliance stores that most corporate promoters cannot provide corresponding test reports to prove the function of the products.
"On the one hand, the implementation of the standard needs to have a certain buffer period, but the lack of standardization causes the cost to remain high. This is the main reason for the problem." An industry insider who asked not to be named told reporters that the current standard stipulates Different parts of the antibacterial material must be tested separately, and the cost of the test may be as high as 100,000 yuan. If there are many models, the added cost is a huge number for the enterprise. “If the standard can be revised to use the same material for different parts, only one inspection is required, and the cost of the enterprise will be greatly reduced.” In addition, the person also pointed out that the standard is introduced for promotion and application, if academically The standards are very rigorous, but the practicality is not strong, which means that the standards are not perfect.
Zhang Xiao, director of the Biochemistry Research Office of the Institute of Clean Technology of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, also said that it is still to be improved because it is the first sterilization standard. For example, she said that silver ion sterilization technology is widely used in washing machines. Generally, a silver ion device is installed at the water inlet of the washing machine, and the silver ion concentration is adjusted according to the water pressure of the water inlet. The antibacterial speed and efficiency of silver are the best in all metals. The amount of residue on the clothes is very small and will not cause harm to the human body. It is the most influential antibacterial method for washing machines, but the premise is to maintain enough Concentration can play its due role. Moreover, in the wastewater discharged after sterilization with silver ions, the accumulation of heavy metals in the silver ions is likely to exceed the standard after a certain accumulation, which has a certain pollution to the environment. However, the standard only imposes requirements on the sterilization rate of the washing machine, and does not limit the environmental pollution.
However, according to the reporter, the standard revision work on the above issues has been started. Continuous improvement of standards will play a role in guiding technology development, regulating industry development and guiding consumption.
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"Special requirements for refrigerators for antibacterial, sterilization and purification functions of household and similar electrical appliances", the main components of antibacterial refrigerators or their application of antibacterial materials (contact time 18~24 hours), Staphylococcus aureus, large intestine The antibacterial rate of the bacillus should be greater than or equal to 90%. The main components used in the production of mildew resistant and antibacterial materials shall have a mildew resistance rating of (0~1). The standard requirements for the odor removal of the refrigerator are: the adsorption or decomposition rate of methyl mercaptan is greater than or equal to 90%, and the adsorption or decomposition rate of trimethylamine is greater than or equal to 90%. The "Special Requirements for Washing Machines for Antibacterial, Sterilization and Purification of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances" stipulates that electric washing machines with sterilization function shall be tested according to the requirements of the standard, and the sterilization rate shall not be less than 96%. The appliance shall be loaded with the rated load in accordance with the requirements of GB/T4288. The sterilization rate shall be not less than 86% according to the standard. "Special requirements for air conditioners for antibacterial, sterilizing and purifying functions of household and similar electrical appliances" stipulates that the antibacterial (sterilization) function of air conditioners should meet the following requirements: 1 hour after simulated field test conditions, antibacterial (sterilization) The rate is greater than or equal to 50%. "Special requirements for air purifiers for antibacterial, sterilizing and purifying functions of household and similar electrical appliances" stipulate that the air purifier antibacterial (sterilization) rate is greater than or equal to 50% after 1 hour of operation under simulated and on-site test conditions. At the same time, the purification materials used should be able to be replaced or regenerated, and the purification device can be cleaned and disinfected.
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