JOJO children's clothing 2014 summer order will be a success

September 18, a three-day JOJO children's clothing 2014 summer new orders will be completed in Shenzhen Dameisha. To "SPACE" as the theme, another new creative work, once again stunning debut, JOJO children's clothing to omnipotent fashion interpretation of ever-changing fashion faces. Dynamic cool start of the opening dance enthusiastic moment, the thunderous applause gave versatile JOJO spokesman, also invited a long time in Shenzhen Fashion Co., Ltd., the wisdom of Liu Chuanying head of wisdom. Short greetings, sincerely share, encourage all families to face the challenge together, to meet the new future. Into JOJO fashion space, new release show officially began. Dazzling dazzling crystal column on stage is a gift from outer space, accumulating hundreds of millions of energy, at random stands above the earth, reflecting the vitality of everything. JOJO Elf probing curious eyes, collective dispatch, trying to conquer this magical place. Each passing through a space, JOJO Wizard will be shaped into a unique shape, black and white personality Houndstooth, there are bright exaggerated Beatles. Publicize the naughty tide of personality, cute little well-behaved children, noble and gorgeous art genie, each space has a different hero, tells the story of their childhood fun. JOJO this order will also be specially for families from afar prepared a secret birthday, for the birthday of September relatives sent an unexpected surprise, ignited another small scene on the scene. All the joy and shock into the trust and support JOJO, I believe JOJO's fashion charm will be able to infect and impress more people, so that children more confidently to find the world and create miracles.

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