Bearded Wu Jianmin Interpretation of "Renren" Leadership in Business Transformation

At the 8th China Peter Drucker Top Management Forum, giants from all walks of life such as business tycoons, management masters and media predators gathered in bright stars. Chinese and foreign celebrities together to crack the code of change, Drucker family representatives, Drucker daughter Cecily Drucker came to the scene speech.


This is an era of change. It is an era full of challenges and choices. On September 7, Mr. Wu Jianmin, Chairman of Shu Lun, Mr. Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier, Mr. Guo Shaotang, a famous historian, Paul Saber, former senior vice president of McDonald's, and Mr. Gao Qunyao, chief executive officer of Star Media China, Experts in the main venue and sub-venue interpretation of how to walk before the change, leading the revolution and create the future.


On the roundtable dialogue of "people" in the transformation of the total revolution-enterprise transformation, three heavyweight guests from different industries shared their actual combat experience and management wisdom, and the Wizards met each other vividly. When Mr. Wu Jianmin, a man in the Chinese fashion industry, got a lot of attention when he appeared on the stage. When he shared his management experience with his staff in a very grounded language, his humorous and funny way led to the bursting of the scene. He talked about the "Shu" and "Lang" in his life, purified the life truth from the life bit by bit, and gave an orderly way of meaningful talents. He understood the talent management strategically and genetically in the innovation and transformation of the company And the key is to cultivate and grasp the talent. In the exchange, Chairman Wu Jianmin's talent internationalization, open-minded audience spectators appreciate his height and depth. As the founder of the Shura brand he self-deprecating "tailor," destined to serve this life for a woman, in his eyes, people are similar, the essence of management is to look at people, respect others, the complexity of things simple , Simple things systematized, at the same time, he from the people if you want to live long enough to be content, simple and straightforward reason to extend the business to survive for a long time, but also have a common sense, not in a hurry to find Made first in the country and even the world first, as long as the path along a healthy and stable development go in this industry will not be eliminated in the next decade, 20 years will always have your place, there will always be a story Can continue, such a drowsiness, thinking jumping, detached his concept of concept, so that the audience all admire his unique personal charm and insight, under his leadership, Shura now thriving, to the world then everything is also reasonable bingo.



It is reported that he is no one in the world of apparel, nobody knows the old urchin, in addition to the iconic bearded, as well as the subtle witty and unrestrained eloquence. Someone jokingly, Wu Jian-min mouth, gas field all his HOLD live. Some people say that when you have not had time to understand the tornado as a business tycoon, he has already analyzed the people thoroughly and has a good idea. You can never know that for every short second, in his head How many times did it work? Wu Jianmin graduated from Renmin University of China planning and statistics professional, known as "bearded" in the fashion industry is considered a maverick figure. WU Jian-min uses the unique "fortune" situation of economics guru of National People's Congress to run the kingdom of women with rich emotion, fashion personality and internationalization. He understands the major events in the clothing circle with Shandong people's open-mindedness, enthusiasm and openness. situation. Under his leadership, Shulan completed the transformation of a single women's clothing product into a clothing serialized product, a transition from a clothing serializer to an industrial serializer, leveraging on new brands, extending the territory to the international market and establishing an Americas R & D Center, led the elite team with great concentration to start Shulan's international journey.

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