It is very important for Hetian jade to appreciate the rapid identification practice in the past two decades.

Price hikes are one of the most discussed topics in recent years. Although the Chinese economy has grown at a relatively high rate for many years, the price level has risen. The appreciation process of Hetian jade is also so great, and it can even be said that it is a myth of repeated innovation. In some companies that have been engaged in the business of Hetian jade for a long time, as early as 2003, the price of Hetian jade has obviously increased. In the following ten years, Hetian Yu continued to write legends at almost one price per month. According to rough statistics, from 1980 to 2000, during the 20 years of Hetian jade, the price has increased by 1000 times.

Rapid appreciation brings investment boom

The rapid appreciation of Hetian jade brings the most intuitive impact is the investment boom. Through the visits to the major art auctions, the author learned that Hetian jade's collection investment has become more and more popular, and the market sales have increased year after year, and the auction transaction rate has remained high. According to reports, most of the collectors buy jade pendants, jade bracelets and waist buckles, and jade pendants account for 80% of them. Among the many investors, there are not only newcomers who are only investing, but many veterans who are famous in the jade collection community have also joined the wave of investment. It seems that in the face of the price of Hetian jade, which is almost in a straight line, people want to get a profit from it.

Although the investment is difficult to identify

Although the appreciation of Hetian jade is predictable, can investors really make a profit without losing it? In fact, the lack of knowledge in the identification of Hetian jade is the root cause of many investors' failures. It is not difficult to see that the popularity of Hetian jade market has also spawned a large number of identification agencies. However, the identification agencies are driven by interests, and their identification documents are mostly doped with water. For experienced collectors, you can use your experience to avoid risks. However, as the majority in the investment wave, many newcomers often fall into the dilemma of being difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Investment suggestion letter

Faced with the dilemma of being difficult to distinguish between true and false, some investors have chosen to quit, and more investors have chosen to accumulate experience while investing cautiously. In fact, the screening of the purchase channel is also a way to avoid being fooled. A Shanghai investor accepted the author's interview. When talking about how to avoid the risk of counterfeit goods, he said: "In the process of continuous investment, I gradually found out the way, most of them buy famous works. Because most of the famous artists rely heavily on Honor, and the sale of counterfeit goods has led to a ruin. Under the common sense, it will not be deliberate." The investor also cited the experience of buying Hetian jade in Yi Yixuan, saying that he not only bought fakes, but because of The award of Xu Yu, the founder of Xuan, has made Hetian jade in his hands continue to appreciate. The author also learned that there are not many companies or studios founded by famous artists like Yan Yixuan, but the jade products are of high quality. The awards of famous works have also increased the room for appreciation and have been sought after by investors.

Only in constant practice can you master the knowledge of identification. If you know enough about jade, you can ensure that you can grasp the key points in future collections. For example, the fingernail jade is named because of the fat of the sheep, the gloss is very good, especially moist, Very precious. In addition, Hetian jade is a grease luster. The ancients called Hetian jade "warm and zeal", that is, its luster has a very slick oiliness, giving people a feeling of moisturizing. This kind of luster is very soft and touches the beauty.

Qinghai material is so transparent that there is no such feeling of thick and fat. Therefore, everyone can look at the luster with a look, two touches, and jade culture. Even if you are a rookie, you can master one or two. Oh, yes, there is also a kind of "horse stalk" produced in Xinjiang. It is very white, and the meat is fine. It is also a kind of quartz jade with a hardness of 7. The knife can't move, but there is a weakness that is not oily and very dry. Basically able to identify Hetian jade, then the next step, we should look at the grade of Hetian jade.

White jade is better in the dynasties, so in recent years, white Russian materials and Qinghai materials have flooded the market. However, the proportion of Hetian jade in the entire jade knowledge mining area is very small, so the price is expensive, especially the sheep fat jade is particularly precious. In addition to sheep fat jade and Tian Baiyu, there are 13 kinds of snow white, white belly, pear white, ivory white. From the material point of view, it is the most expensive of Ziyu, and Tianziyu has a gorgeous skin color. For many buyers and collectors, there are precious skin color varieties such as autumn pear, reed, jujube, and black skin. Craftsmen use the skin color to make a beautiful carving. Naturally interesting. Actually in the 1980s and 1990s, Ziyu was not too expensive. At that time, it was pursuing jade, so at that time, Baizizi was the best, even if it had skin color to be worn away, sometimes it was just an embellishment.


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