NPC Handles Sale of Swedish Fashion Brand Bjorn Borg Hangzhou Store

Recently, Li Chen and Pan Xiaobo jointly set up the trend store New Project Center, in hand with the Swedish fashion brand Bjorn Borg (Bjorn Borg), in the just-opened NPC Hangzhou new store to release its brand logo series products.

Recently, the famous Nordic fashion brand Bjorn Borg from Sweden announced the cooperation with New Project Center (NPC), the leading trend store in the country. The new NPC store in Hangzhou recently opened its brand logo series for men and women. Underwear, lace series women's underwear, socks and men's and women's long underwear products.

“The NPC is Bjorn Borg’s first and most strategic distribution partner in China. We are extremely excited about this cooperation, and Bjorn Borg advocates a positive attitude towards life, advocating an easy-going approach to life. The philosophical philosophy is meticulous in its pursuit of fashion. This coincides with the personalities of young people nowadays. It is believed that NPC's customers will also love Bjorn Borg's products,” said Bjoern Borg China Director. .

Bjorn Borg is a famous fashion brand in Sweden and aims to become a leader in the trend of global sportswear. The brand is favored for its high-quality products, innovative design, inherited the sportsmanship of the name of tennis star Bjorn Borg.

NPC is a trend store established and operated by well-known domestic host Li Chen and famous Taiwanese artist Pan Yibai. The first store was established in Shanghai in 2009. NPC aims to become a new project center for street street culture in China.

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