Buy baby toddler shoes pay attention to more

[This site - shoes and life] 15 months before the baby is in a crawl to the early toddler stage. The baby begins to try standing and learning to walk. At this stage, the baby should be encouraged to barefoot in the room to allow the foot to directly touch the ground, increase the sense of foot traction, and cultivate balance. In order to keep warm and avoid foot injuries, it is also possible to wear a toddler's shoes with a thin and soft sole to keep the foot gritty.

Feature 1: Thicker fat layer on the sole of the foot

Because the baby's sole is a thick layer of fat, the foot arch of the sole of the foot is not yet fully developed and cannot completely absorb the shock. Therefore, the baby is always rickety when walking, and the center of gravity cannot be as stable as adults.

Feature 2: Easy to sweat

In addition to the thick layer of fat on the sole of the foot, the baby's metabolism is fast, so the sweat is very serious.

The right toddler shoes are very important to the baby: 0-3 years old is an important period for the development of the baby's foot bones and shapes. The baby begins to walk around the age of about one year. Although the baby's small feet are not yet fully developed, one of the most important learnings in one's life has already begun - walking. Choosing the right toddler shoes is of great significance to your baby.

A pair of good toddler shoes should have the following characteristics:

Help the baby to stabilize the center of gravity, better uniform weight bearing; protect the baby's fragile ankle; let the baby develop the correct walking posture (special store) potential; shock absorption, breathable, early toddler, toddler, independent walking different.

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