Jewelry and love are inseparable natural

Love is very simple, very pure, no mutual use, only mutual help, no money and desire, only sincerity and face.

Around 1890, Grand Duke Mikhail Mikhainovich, the grandson of Tsar Nicholas I, met the 22-year-old ordinary girl Sofia at the ball. One is a graceful son, one is a romantic and innocent girl, one is a king, and the other is a granddaughter of the great poet Pushkin. They both look like a match. At first sight, they will soon be private.

In order to win the fiancée's favor, Mikhail specially hired a senior craftsman of the famous Russian jewelry family k·e·Lin Company to design a crown. It took nearly a year for the crown to do well. It has a smooth half-moon shape with 822 diamonds and 72 rubies, which are stunning in the light. Most uniquely, part of the crown can be subtly disassembled for use as a brooch and head lice.

The crown became a witness to the love of two people, and the two finally joined hands in the marriage hall. Many people think that this is another legend of a prince and Cinderella.

The young Sofia is full of good memories of her married life. She is deeply fascinated by her husband and does not care about all the criticisms and censures of the outside world. However, the trouble entangled them from the day they met. Although Sofia is the granddaughter of the great poet Pushkin, the father is also the German prince, but because her mother is not a royal family, she was banned from inheriting the title of her father's family from an early age.

Tsar Alexander III refused to recognize the marriage of the "civilian" Sofia and the Grand Duke of Mikhail, which was crowded out in the upper class of Russia. God wants to get people, poor Sofia is forced to take the road of her mother, and her husband moved overseas, the crown that witnessed the two people's love is also brought to the UK.

In the United Kingdom, Sofia received the favor of Queen Victoria, was given the title of Countess De Toby, and its descendants became prominent grand aristocrats. The husband of the British Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, was the nephew of the Sofia son-in-law. In 1927, Sofia died in England. The only wish left before his death was that he hoped that one day his love crown would return to his home country.

The jewels in the crown are often unattainable, but there is nothing more dedication and pursuit than love.

This crown of diamonds and rubies, now, in addition to being a valuable piece of art, has become the legend of love in this era.

The prince and Cinderella have truly told us that the sincerity and nobleness of love will not be mixed with any desire for money to destroy the things of love. In 2013, I hope that single men and women friends can find true love.

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