Foshan Kai Shi-Fen Underwear Co., Ltd. wish you good health, happy family, promising bright future!

When the footsteps of spring quietly come, and everything begins to recover, we are about to start a new chapter. The new chapter is destined to have bitterness and hardships, but these troubles are bound to be the driving force behind our progress! On the occasion of the arrival of the new spring, Foshan Kai Shi-fen Underwear Co., Ltd. to all staff's hard work and hard work, give the company's sincere trust, warm support to extend my deep gratitude! With your strong support, we will move forward with courage and create a magnificent chapter to share with you and me! New Year is approaching, sincerely wish everyone good health, happy family, promising bright future!


Kai Shi-Fen - advocating a new wave of activism, with its stylish, elegant and intellectual unique brand charm captured female heart. KISFUN product line is very diversified in structure, focusing on the collocation of products and garments, emphasizing the analysis of three-dimensional structure, emphasizing the design of humanized functions, exquisite detail, exquisite workmanship and quality, so that every piece of underwear Products can become fashion boutique, to meet the age of 25-45 years old, have a dream, love life, travel, thought, taste, personality and urban new women exquisite and comfortable lifestyle, as well as the instinctive pursuit of the perfect curve.

Zippered Sheep Shearing Coat

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