Caesar underwear winter feel warm and comfortable winter

Caesar's underwear rational and scientific grasp of production quality, emotional to understand the inner needs, honest to go business, choose to use the European Roman minimalist design principles to reflect the contemporary people to pursue a simple, free and happy spirit of life.

凯撒内衣 - CASER

Lake blue in the men's body also seems so ease, personal design just in line with the winter wear needs.

凯撒内衣冬款 感受冬季舒适温暖

Sand color appears mature and intellectual and elegant, unique Slim design allows women to easily win a good figure.

Military and police Camouflage Fabric is different from ordinary printed fabric, and has its own remarkable characteristics. The color of a camouflage is made of black, brown, dark green and emerald green. After special treatment, the surface of the camouflage has near infrared retardant(IRR) function. At the same time, it can be added the functions of flame retardant and waterproof. In addition, high breaking and tearing strength and good printing color fastness are the basic requirements.

Camouflage Fabric

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