What is the harm to women underwear improper cleaning machine washable underwear what is the problem

Many diseases are often inseparable from small details of life, such as mastitis, not only related to underwear , but also related to the cleaning of underwear.


Improper underwear mastitis susceptible to cleaning

Mastitis is an acute purulent infection of the breast, is a common puerperal disease, but also one of the causes of postpartum fever, the most common in lactating women, especially primipara. In general, shorter duration of acute mastitis, the prognosis is good, but if not treated properly, it will delay the course of the disease, and even complicated with systemic purulent infection, but also can cause serious breast cancer. Experts said that in order to prevent mastitis, in addition to pay attention to personal habits, the first start from the cleaning method of underwear, proper cleaning can reduce the incidence of mastitis.

内衣清洗不当对女性有什么伤害 机洗内衣有什么问题

To prevent mastitis, the proper cleaning of underwear is the key.

Female clothes to change diligence, but some women often like to save together until the free time and then into the washing machine cleaning. As everyone knows, often wash the hood with a washing machine is one of the bad habits that cause mastitis. Research shows that women who use washing machines to wash their bras have mastitis rates 3-5 times higher than those commonly used by handwashing.

This is because when the brassiere and other clothes are washed together in the washing machine, the nap, the thread head and some extremely fine fibers on the clothes easily adhere to the brassiere as the washing machine is rotated by the pulsator and the water is thrown. When women wear this bra, those tiny fibers stick to the nipple and even block the duct to cause infection, triggering mastitis.

In addition, washing clothes clean is also very easy to cause breast problems. Especially with the enzyme detergent, if the rinsing is not clean, not complete, the residue in the bra on the enzyme detergent will erode the epithelial cells on the breast pathological changes, which led to mastitis.

If the Mayfair underwear Tips: Although mastitis is not cancer, but do not attach importance to the same problem will become very difficult, so women must pay attention to friends, proper cleaning of underwear, the effective prevention of mastitis.

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