[Haibei] 2014 autumn large image cutting-edge release

海贝 秋月 前沿 时尚 Video clips】 In the elegant and ethereal retro European castle, avant-garde aristocratic atmosphere diffuse, with a variety of rich retro-style buildings cut in, Haibei 2014 autumn image film officially opened!

Blonde models wearing the 2014 Haibei autumn new, simple and stylish, supermodel gas field almost ready.

Neat atmosphere tailoring and pattern matching, complement each other and the background complement each other, in the blinking jewelry and lens exposure, revealing an unprecedented classic beauty, echoing the seashells Fall 2014 new design essence!

There is no lack of nobility in the playful, indifferent dialysis sexy, charming reasons are often impervious mystery, looming, unable to stop the desire.

In a strong exotic, strong aristocratic fashion set off, the model skilled put on all postures.

Wearing clothes in the model seems to have become a fashion elves, at every angle are full of mysterious fashion elements.

Classic transformation, the United States elaborate, mysterious castle interpretation of the beautiful legend.

海贝 2014 秋季 视频 Video clips The charming mystery of the seashells leads to a mysterious group of fashion elves, beautiful legends without dots .......

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