How to dress with bare shoulders Summer strapless summer dress with a summer queen

Small Lu Xiang Shoulder temptation, not as halter, topless as too direct, but based on the short-sleeved sexy, so bare shoulder with how to look good with it? Xiaobian today for everyone to recommend two different styles of strapless collocation, so you in the hot summer, the sexy just right performance.

西蔻 - SIEGO

Straight body version of the dress is a thin single product, the loose design is the excess waist girl students modified, coupled with the stylish wave element and flounce embellishment embodies the style of live-wave, sexy Black gauze stitching to show the modern Queen Van, small Lu Xiang Shoulder is to make you transformed into sexy stuff, with a pair of high-heeled platform shoes to show tall figure, a cowboy hat and orange bag into the very fashionable lovely.

露肩装怎么搭配 夏日露肩装搭配 做个夏日人气女王

Black and white striped strapless shirt, showing the shoulders and clavicle lines, very sexy, and revealing a ladies and ladies temperament, the waist waist waist coat can not only cover Xiaoduzi, but also to show the water snake waist. With black lace package hip dress, very chic. A simple and stylish handbag and a pair of black bow fish head high heels can show the beautiful young and high-end large.
Picture Source: West Kou women's clothing

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