6 kinds of beauty to take the perfect response to late summer early autumn Bello sz 2014 new

Xia Weiyang, autumn has arrived, days cool, but also not to brush the initial beauty of women's hearts. Respected simplicity, leisure, freedom, free and easy, personality but no lack of elegant style today, highly respected original design. Designers can give full play to withstand the power of autumn tiger, at the same time so that beauty of women perfect response to late summer and early autumn.

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Although this style of dress minimalistic minimalist, but self-cultivation can make you very confident tailoring. Long section and long-sleeved design allows you to easily deal with the hit autumn wind. Feet with sandals or casual shoes, the best dress is early summer autumn.

6种美搭  完美应对夏末秋初 Bello sz 2014秋季新品

Shirt-style dress is hot this season, still useful in the late summer, long sleeves plus exquisite tailoring glow elegant style. With a pair of flat shoes, belts embellishment, fashion double degree.

6种美搭  完美应对夏末秋初 Bello sz 2014秋季新品

Mid-summer we will choose a short paragraph, mini dress, but autumn is approaching, had to consider the issue of cooling, of course, long-sleeved will become a popular choice, including the buttock design of the small mind instantly get rid of boring, tripping out of ordinary.

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