Men's short-sleeved T-shirt with what pants men's pants with how

Men are said to be less than a third of the women's clothes, a woman's closet stuffed with clothes or will feel no clothes to wear, and men's simple is the most eye-catching place is a simple dress To show the charm of fashion, it is a short-sleeved T-shirt with cobalt men, pants with what clothes look good. Summer men can not wear the same elegant cool girl with a skirt, nor can wear shorts to the streets, the shortest is the fifth of the style, and the most worn is the length of the knee at the pants, so the length of the summer, Dark purple casual pants with a light blue V-neck T-shirt, Slim design coupled with a gentleman's hat is absolutely handsome. The pants can make the same style, but definitely not the same color, this khaki pants with a white T-shirt, bow tie decorated with sunshine dress, dotted with white T-shirt wave point, a little fresh with khaki Color casual pants, dress up in the morning, whether it is work or dating should not be missed.

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