What does it mean to send pearls?

What is the meaning of sending pearls? Pearl jewelry is the temperament of women in the new era, and the meaning of sending pearls has been given more ideas by the new era. In addition to being worn as a jewel, the pearl has a richer meaning than other jewels. She does not stand out like a diamond. Her mellow and gentleness represents the gentleness, femininity and sage of women, so pearls are a great choice for women's jewelry.

"Pearl" literally contains the meaning of "cherish", "cherish", "cherish" and "cherish".

In the jewelry world, the pearl is known as the "five emperors and one after", is the queen of jewels, and the pearl is also one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, representing the meaning of healthy longevity and good fortune. In the West, the pearl is regarded as the birthstone of June, and she symbolizes health, nobleness, energy and purity. The Orientals hailed it as "the jewel on the moon" and thought she could strengthen friendship and strengthen her mind and memory. The ancients regarded pearls as part of their lives and were always worn on their bodies as an embodiment of luck and health.

In addition, the pearl has more meaning: pearls have been "Beads and jade" and "beautiful" since ancient times. Her inner structure is also concentric, with both inside and outside, symbolizing the meaning of "a family reunion" and "complete happiness." Therefore, at the wedding ceremony, it is often necessary to send the bride a round and full pearl necklace to symbolize the smooth and smooth marriage. Whether it is a wedding dress or a Chinese cheongsam, the pearl necklace is full of gas and elegant.

In addition, the third decade of marriage, named after pearls, is called pearl marriage. Every nation attaches importance to marriage and believes that marriage is an extremely important thing in life. The two petals of the bellows that gave birth to the pearls are like a couple. Together, they carefully cultivate the pearls in their hearts. Pearls are also a symbol of love. Therefore, it is best to send a pearl necklace or other pearl jewelry on important Valentine's Day, or wedding anniversary.

From the perspective of the formation process, the pearl is the crystallization of the long-term tempering of Bellow. It is like the mother's patient cultivation from the birth of her child to the birth of the baby. It is a symbol of great motherhood, so the pearl is the most for the mother. A good anti-feeding gift also implies the hope that the mother will be auspicious and well-being.

The meaning of sending pearls is very good and is auspicious. Pearl is not only a decoration worn on the body, she is a spiritual jewelry, to appreciate it, we must realize her natural beauty and connotation. Here, the pearl meaning written by the pearl beauty author may be just the tip of the iceberg. More meaning may be better understood by the authorities. Please remember one sentence: give the pearl, the heart is beautiful.

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