Wave stone

The name of the stone is named after the natural pattern of the river's waves on the rock section. It is a famous stone variety in Linyi County (Fang 2, photo 18). The texture of the rock is dense but the thickness is uneven and the hardness is low (Moss) Hardness 3~4), it is most suitable for processing into a horizontal stone screen with a thickness of 2~5cm, a height of 20~40cm and a length of 1~2m. The artistic charm of the wave stone lies in the large and small snow white spray on the deep black and blue water surface. Small as a small wave dances, big like a storm.

"Heaven" and "water" are connected, and the blue waves and white waves meet like rivers and rivers. The sea is surging, like a magnificent natural picture. It is magnificent and profound, and it is infinitely fascinating.

There are "water" and "day" in the spray stone, which means that the pattern is complete; the section is smooth and flat, and there are no holes or small holes, which are regarded as uniform texture; the water and waves blend, black and white are distinct, and the harmony is harmonious. The size is moderate, the scene is magnificent, and the momentum is extraordinary. The above four items are all good.

The wave stone was produced in Shijiahe Township, Linyi County, and it was deposited in the stone shop of the Shantou Group in the Cambrian. The lithology is white marble stratified layered argillaceous dolomitic limestone, and the origin of the wave stone is similar to that of the pebbles.

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