Green crystal effect

The role of green crystal can be divided into four parts, to promote interpersonal, help business, attract wealth, efficacy, and evil spirits.

1. Promote interpersonal and career studies: Green Crystal enhances the cause, condenses wealth, and promotes the popularity of human beings. Green Ghost Crystal is unique to recruiting people. This is something that many people ignore. The magnetic field emitted by the green ghost crystal jewelry can attract and help you, especially for the career. And for new jobs or new careers, or people who often work or study in the field, it is more suitable. Green is considered to be a vibrant color, and green crystal is also regarded as a vibrant and precious color, which can bring good luck to the business, develop intuition, and be popular, calm and promote interpersonal relationships.

2, attracting wealth: the name of the green crystal is called "Ghost God", because its color is very similar to the US dollar, and the more famous character has the ability to attract wealth, so it can become a good thing for businessmen, help to improve Thinking, open mind, great fortune and wealth. It can strengthen people's career and wealth. Now, if the crystal jewelry of Zhengcai is the main representative of green crystal, and the green ghost crystal is the solid Zhongqiao Chu, the positive wealth emphasized here, including all good luck. Good opportunity, good friends and even nobles to help. However, the meaning of Zhengcai is the proper remuneration obtained through hard work. Under the same efforts, more rewards or gains can be obtained, which is different from the partial wealth represented by yellow crystal.

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