South red agate texture can never be dried

South red agate is not only red, but good quality is also oily. If South Red is only red, and there is less the same feeling of oily Hetian, then its whole will be like a stone, like a crack, such a South Red can be considered good. It is a poor quality South Red Agate, the value of the collection is not high, it does not look good enough.

The southern red agate's gum texture is also one of its characteristics. The southern red agate with this texture can give a feeling of jewel. This oil is natural, not artificial oil. Moreover, the South Red Agate, which is too dry, is prone to cracking. If it is to be reprocessed, the risk is even greater. Therefore, when picking Nanhong, the quality of the texture is also very important, and sometimes even exceeds the choice of color.

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