2015 spring and summer half skirt how to match

Half-length skirt as the spring and summer bump must-have single product, with different blouses with, can create a different temperament, especially for girls with small thick legs, but also can easily cover the meat, was Tall and thin. Below with Xiaobian take a look at the 2015 spring and summer half-length dress with it!


Black gauze skirts, knee length, with vague perspective effect, a very sexy is stylish, and fluffy skirts can easily cover the fat between the buttocks, very thin. With sweet and lovely print red chiffon long-sleeved shirt, wearing a pair of stylish high heels, stretching the leg type, more elegant temperament!


Emerald chiffon long skirt, retro, modern version of the design, coupled with drape the fabric, and the same color belt decoration, retro and stylish. With a fresh color sleeveless lapel shirt, coupled with the color of the hat along the collision, and black high-heeled shoes, full of holiday flavor, is very attractive!

Photo Source: A Ran brand women

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