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Yaxuanfeige has a distinctive brand image, close to the fashion trend, and integration into the Chinese women's dress culture, is committed to creating one of the most growth and competitiveness of women 's clothing brand , to show consumers an international quality fashion model. The brand is committed to creating a brand new commuter wear brand, fashion yet elegant, feminine yet capable, with a more rich European fashion. In the spring and summer of 2013, Arxenex Placed the sense of ethnic print as an important entry point into the design of Faust, creating the most reassuring look of spring and summer this season.


Accor Fitzgezpai is located in a highly harmonious business and leisure, rich European fashion, but also very much in line with the aesthetic needs of Chinese urban women, stylish and restrained, simple and capable, to meet the contemporary white-collar pursuit of beauty and fashion.

雅轩菲格女装春夏款 民族感印花打造本季最亮丽Icon

Join conditions:
1, with well-known brand clothing, shoes bags, jewelry and other consumer goods brand agent joined more than 2 years of experience;
2, the target franchise business area market has a certain degree of familiarity with the understanding of the local mall access and a certain degree of public relations activities;
3, with a more mature retail team, terminal retail management experience and operation of the store management experience;
4, with a certain degree of market observation and analysis of apparel and appraisal skills; understanding of the spending power in the region's market spending habits market potential has its own business plan for a reasonable assessment of investment returns, a reasonable investment risk early in the shop have a good psychological ready;
5, with the necessary financial input capacity;
6, agree with the company's business philosophy and marketing strategy, and actively cooperate with the company's management and operation process, can continue to operate hot pillow.

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