Life Tips: How to remove glass glue?

Whether at home or in the factory, quartz glass is widely used. Glass is used in places where glass is used. The mirrors in the home are fixed. Glass splicing is required for factory quartz glass splicing. Glass glue is applied to the clothes and the skin is often encountered. The glue on the glass is very troublesome. It not only affects the overall image, but also makes the smell uncomfortable. So how should the glass glue be removed?

Crystal Zeyang Quartz Glass Products has checked a lot of methods on how to remove glass glue on the Internet, but it rarely works. Among them, the method of using wind oil to remove glass glue is more popular, but when someone uses it, it is not easy to remove the glass glue by Fengjing Yuanyang Quartz Glass Products Co., Ltd., and the wind oil essence only works on the self-adhesive. The effect of dealing with glass glue is not too big. The use of knife scraping is also one of the more popular tricks, but the use of a knife will inevitably leave scratches on the clothes, and it should not be used on the skin.

After the long-term exposure of glass to the clothes, Jingze Yuanyang Quartz Glass Products Co., Ltd. finally found an effective way to remove the glass glue. Glass glue is an organic matter, so the removal of the glass glue requires the use of a solution that can dissolve the organic matter. According to this principle, a solution such as nail water and alcohol can be summarized. The effect of removing the glass glue from the nail water is better. The nail water is used to wash away the water of the nail polish. The properties of the nail polish are similar to those of the glass glue, so the effect of removing the glass glue by the nail water is better. Of course, this can only wash off a small amount of glass glue. If you stick a lot of glass glue, you should use alcohol or the wine we drink.

People who often deal with glass glue and quartz glass don't have to worry about sticking their glass glue. Now, friends who are still stuck in glass glue can try it out.

Source: Quartz glass

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