Naked color in the spring and summer streets to create a healing beauty

This site April 22 hearing, the beauty of nude color is undisputed, but also people can not simply define. Seemingly simple colors have a unique and powerful atmosphere. Therefore, the return of the nude color trend is definitely a "big event" that people who are pursuing fashion trends should not be overlooked. Nobody wants to miss this nude trend!

The full range of lady style nude color dress with a tough leather jacket, the combination of two very different styles touched a strong sense of visual contrast. This brings unexpected visual effects!

The nude-colored short-skinned leather jacket is paired with the same-colored animal-patterned t-shirt, and the avant-garde fashion reveals a strong confident charm. The same color sunglasses are eye-catching, which enhances the overall fashion and enhances the overall sense.

The nude pink chiffon shirt with wide-brimmed jeans filled with thick feminine flavors is no exception. The red wide-brimmed hat embellishes the whole and adds a leisurely style.

The whole body's nude color with fresh, sunny, as if emitting infinitely positive energy like sunshine. Black handbags and playful flat shoes echo the colors. Natural beauty does not need too much modification!

Simple and elegant design of the nude pink knitted pullover with a white shirt, fresh, playful like the girl next door like sunshine. Then take the sexy leather pants as a ride, without delay, while highlighting the slender legs.

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