Do not blindly follow the kids clothes how to wear?

"Too many advertisements, I really do not know what to wear for my children." "What about the tide and good-looking clothes worn on my baby?" "Why are the models wearing clothes, so why did they go to my children? "Really choose too much, but do not know what to wear to the children!" Blindly follow the trend, gradually being a wide variety of advertising or information on various trends fascinated by seven dirty meat, can not find what is really in line with ordinary baby Costumes, mothers are not going to be like this self-chaos it? . This does not matter, so Xiaobian to introduce you, in the end what kind of clothing is grounded air suitable for their baby to wear it? If the family also have cotton or down jacket, you can give the baby to wear like this. Yellow jacket is both warm and can demonstrate the child's vivacity, with gray leggings or jeans will not appear monotonous without content. Give the child to wear a pair of plain snow boots, sweet and warm and practical combination. Male baby winter wear full of handsome. Plaid woolen coat and sweater always create British retro feeling, how to take casually, khaki pants with yellow jacquard V-neck sweater, sweater which wear a shirt, these elements combine to live off Elegant British wave of men came out. (Source: Mommy Star)

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