Acrylic raw materials and processes

Because acrylic production is difficult and costly, there are many cheap and cheap substitutes on the market.

Acrylic is the best new material for sanitary ware after ceramics. Nowadays, the "Emperor", "Jazz" and other domestic acrylic sanitary ware brands have also been favored by more and more consumers. Acrylic's research and development, dating back more than 100 years ago, was known as the polymerization of methacrylic acid in 1880; the study of synthesis of polypropionic acid esters was completed in 1901; industrial synthesis was attempted in 1927 using the aforementioned synthesis method; 1937 The methyl methacrylate industry was successfully developed and manufactured, which led to large-scale manufacturing. Due to its excellent toughness and light transmission, it was used in aircraft windshields, tank vision mirrors, etc. during World War II. The most common mobile phone screen is Made of optical grade acrylic. In China, Sichuan Eastern Sanitary Ware Factory took the lead in introducing this technology from abroad and applied for registration patent in the country. In addition, acrylic sheets can be laser-cut and laser-engraved to produce exotic products. Ordinary organic board is made of common plexiglass pyrolysis material plus pigment. The surface hardness is low, and it is easy to fade. After polishing with fine sand, the polishing effect is poor.

. Acrylic Sanitary wares first appeared in the United States and currently occupy more than 70% of the entire international market. As a special acrylic glass, acrylic can also be used on aircraft windshields and used in harsh environments for decades. True and false acrylics can be identified from the slight color difference and polishing effect of the plate section. These substitutes are also known as "acrylic" and are really ordinary organic or composite boards (also known as sandwich panels).

ACRYLIC, scientific name of methyl methacrylate, common name special treatment of organic glass. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, Acrylic in addition to the unparalleled high brightness, there are also the following advantages: good toughness, not easy to damage; repairability, as long as the use of soft foam point toothpaste can be wiped clean ware; soft texture, winter is not Cold and bitter feeling; colorful, can be seen in the individual pursuit of different tastes. Acrylic sheets have good processing power, either thermoforming (including molding, blow molding and vacuum blister) or mechanical processing such as drilling, lathing, washing, cutting and the like. In order to adapt you to the fierce market competition and better develop the market, our company will provide you with the best technical support and the most exquisite production process. The composite board has only a thin layer of acrylic on the surface and ABS plastic in the middle. It is easily delaminated due to thermal expansion and contraction during use. The use of microcomputer-controlled mechanical scraping and engraving not only greatly improves the machining accuracy, but also enables the production of finer patterns and shapes than the traditional methods. Acrylic basins, bathtubs and toilets are not only exquisitely styled, durable, but also environmentally friendly. Their radiation levels are very similar to those of the body's own bones.

Acrylic has a crystal-like transparency, light transmission rate of over 92%, dyed with acrylic - has good color development effect, in addition, acrylic sheet: excellent weather resistance, higher Surface hardness and surface gloss and better high temperature performance.

Because of its unique quality, Acrylic is highly favored in the outdoor advertising industry. The excellent performance of Acrylic can only be achieved through exquisite craftsmanship.

PU Coating Fabric

This kind of Functional Fabric is usually treated by coating,PU or PVC. The special functions usually include flame retardant,waterproof,oil proof,anti-static,anti-mosquito,hygroscopicity and quick drying,easy-care,antibacterial,anti-UV,infrared retardant,etc.Normally,this kind of fabric can be used for bags, vest,tent,etc.

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