"COOPOOL" fashionable women's clothing will be landing in 2013 China International Clothing & Accessories Fair

"COOPOOL" fashion women's upcoming landing 2013 China International Clothing & Accessories Fair! "COOPOOL" fashionable women's wear is Dafeng International Fashion Company in Hong Kong in 2010 focused on the introduction of less famous ladies brand. As the largest apparel industry base in China, Ningbo is the leading garment brand in the world such as Younger, Shanshan, Pacific Rim and GXG. COOPOOL is one of the most promising women's brands in the revitalization of the women's wear industry in Ningbo Municipal Government. At present, with a steady and rapid pace of development Layout of the national market, respectively, in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chongqing and other fashion forefront opened more than 120 stores (Hall), determined to build the most popular female consumers in China's first fashion brand women.

珂珀 - coopool

Hall No .: W3 / W4: Women

Booth number: W3317

Company Chinese name: Ningbo Dafeng Clothing Co., Ltd

The birth of COOPOOL stems from the thirst for this elegant, poetic lifestyle. Determined to create "the poetic residence of the body" for urban women Create the most pleasant feeling for them, like a natural, fresh breath from the heart. COOPOOL believes that the body will not lie to you - the most comfortable body is the most free poetic.

COOPOOL brand services: passionate about clothing culture advocating the pursuit of philosophy of life philosophy of intellectual life, COOPOOL is trying hard to create elegant and casual urban image of women. Carrying more of the artistic creation of the connotation and endowed with spiritual colors and seemingly casual with a variety of ways to contrast different ways in different occasions to create the effect of the dress.

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