Buy gold jewelry, pay attention to distinguish gold content

The purity of gold jewelry is called "cheng" or "color". In theory, 100% of gold can be called 24K gold, but in reality it is impossible to have 100% gold, so China stipulates that the content reaches 99.6% or more (including 99.6% of the gold can be called 24K gold, and the national gold jewelry below 9K cannot be called gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry

The gold jewelry currently on the market is divided into full gold and K gold jewelry. When buying gold jewelry, it often encounters the sales theory of thousands of gold (999 gold) and Wanjin gold (9999 gold). The two seem to have nothing. The big difference is different, but there will be some discrepancies in the price given by the merchant. Let's share some experiences when buying gold jewelry.

To buy gold jewelry, you must first recognize the quality inspection mark of gold jewelry. Most of the gold jewellery sold on the market is equipped with the inspection mark of the quality inspection organization. The mark clearly indicates the gold content and weight of the jewellery. Can be seen from the imprint of jewelry, such as AU9999, gold 9999, thousand gold, 999 gold, gold, 99 gold, 18K, 750 and so on.

As the saying goes, "Gold is not full of red, no one is perfect", and other gold ornaments contain other metals. For the quality of gold products, the national standard has a very clear regulation, that is, each piece of gold jewelry sold by the merchant must be listed to indicate its gold content and weight. The state stipulates that non-standard methods such as “Thousand-foot pure gold”, “Pure gold” and “24K gold” that do not exist in practice may not be used. However, there are still many merchants who will play "pure gold" signs to raise the price. In fact, the amount of gold is only a thousand gold, please be careful not to be fooled by the business when buying.

Wanjujin is not pure gold. Wanjinjin is more pure than Qianjinjin. Wanquanjin surpasses the national jewelry standard. The identification of Wanjinjin can be seen from the imprint of jewelry. Each piece of gold jewelry is printed with: “Millions of gold AU9999”; Secondly, it is identified from the jewelry wearing label: each piece of gold jewelry is equipped with the minimum color test of the National Gold Diamond Product Quality Inspection Center and the “Wanjin 9999” anti-counterfeit label; Gold is generally authorized to operate, please go to the designated distributor to buy, and ask the other party to issue an authorization business book, please recognize the brand in order to avoid insufficient content.

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