At the time of the men all the staff wish the new and old customers a Happy New Year

Spring and autumn come, blink of an eye in 2013 is about to become history. In the past year, when the men in the staff and the vast number of dealers, agents of the joint efforts, sales hit a new high, the number of stores across the country have been a breakthrough, the brand's reputation has further started. In the upcoming 2014, when all the staff of the men's company headquarters wish you a Happy New Year, good health! For the sake of building a better time! Changsha is also apparel limited liability company located in the entertainment capital of China enjoy the reputation of Star City Changsha, the company operating the original brand SHIE11 surgeon. SHIE11 tide male is now also more and more tide men labeled "personality, fashion, tide" label. At the same time, we also aim to create the first brand of tidewear for Chinese men, aiming to lead and promote the new round of fashion trends in China's men's apparel industry, create a lasting classic, and become an individual and fashionable personality. Excavation of your personality, to create SHIE11. SHIE11 brand is becoming the new darling of the Chinese men's fashion industry a new round of fashion trends, will promote and lead a new round of men's fashion trend, and will fully promote its spread and influence in the Chinese apparel industry to create truly their own brand of personality trends, to National, to the world!

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