Material with the principle of contrast Different texture to create the body texture highlights

Whether it is version, color or material, with the need to follow certain principles, so that there will be bright spots. For example, in the material with the principle of comparison can be followed, so that material can be exaggerated and enhanced contrast, soft and upright, thick and thin, rough and delicate ... ...

美诗缇 - MIXTIE

Figure: US poetry Ti Women

Texture rich texture, can enhance the texture of a single product. Layered lace feather coat and pleated cake pendulum woolen dress show a rich texture, while the two take the same pattern with different patterns of fabric together, the sense of hierarchy. Fur collar grooming highlights the elegant style of light luxury.

材质搭配的对比原则  不同材质纹理打造全身亮点

Figure: US poetry Ti Women

The same color modeling, different materials can enrich the level of clothing. Black lace skirt in the perspective of gauze contrast black embellishment, modeling light and heavy. Not only enhance the look of the shape, but also the perfect sublimation of the charm of the wearer.

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