How to maintain silverware

Everyone likes silver jewelry! So everyone knows how to maintain it? Silver jewelry is easy to turn black for a long time. If it is not maintained, it will lose its original luster. The following small series will tell you about the maintenance method of silver jewelry, you can make your silver jewelry last for a long time.

How to maintain silverware

1. The best maintenance method for silverware is to wear it every day, because the body oil can produce a natural and lustrous luster.

2. Do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry to avoid collision deformation or scratching.

3. Keep the silverware dry, don't wear swimming, don't approach hot springs and sea water. When not in use, wipe the surface with cotton or tissue, remove moisture and dirt, and place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.

4. If you find signs of yellowing in silver, the easiest way is to use a toothpaste and a little water to lightly wash the surface. Or use a small brush to clean the fine seams of the silver jewelry, then wipe the surface with a silver cloth, and immediately restore the original beauty. (If you can use silver cloth to restore about 80% of the silver, you should not use silver and silver, because they are all corrosive, silver jewelry will become more after using these products. It is easy to turn yellow. In addition, the silver cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients and cannot be washed with water.

5, silver ornaments are serious yellow, soaking time with silver washing water should not be too long, usually a few seconds, immediately after removal, wash with water, and then blotted with tissue paper.

6. If you use silver cloth to recover about 80% of the silver condition, you don't need to use silver milk and silver washing water. Because these products are corrosive, silver will become more and more yellow after using these products. . The silver cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients and cannot be washed.

7. If the silverware is not processed and stored after being worn, it is very likely that the silverware will be blackened. At this time, you should use a small jewelry brush to clean the fine seams of the jewelry, then drop a silver drop of the silver cream on the paper, wipe off the black oxide on the silver surface, and then use the silver cloth to restore the original brightness of the jewelry. After that, remember to do the daily general maintenance, to avoid the silverware blackening again, the silver ornaments are difficult to whiten after many times of blackening.

The above is the method of silver jewelry maintenance introduced by Xiaobian for everyone. Everyone in daily life, remember to regularly maintain your silverware.

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