Children's long-sleeved dress with the end of the summer and early fall to wear what skirt

Perhaps now that early summer late autumn may be a bit late, but the hot summer is still the same, the early autumn of the cool there, but the time is divided, wisemi children's long-sleeved dress to deal with this late summer and early fall season, long sleeve dress how With more suitable for girls to wear it? Long-sleeved dress style, pink, a girl will have the color, if your childhood does not have a pink skirt, then how is it a childhood? wisemi children's wear pink long-sleeved dress style doll collar splicing design splicing spinning, very princess look, coupled with cute sweet hair accessories, is absolutely very dazzling. The early autumn season will not affect girls wearing skirts, the figure is a dress, and this is a short skirt style, mint green short skirt style, coupled with a long-sleeved shirt, suit jacket, lace Embellishment, is very significant sweet Fan, if a little bit cold, but also with a bottoming socks.

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