Summer with the most eye-catching - yellow with a single product skills

Different clothing with a single product, you can give different sense of fashion. How to get everyone's attention in this summer, it seems that we need a good pensive for a while. How to use yellow in the summer, add unlimited fashion sense for yourself? If you want to know, you can walk with the small series, " Tiger " women's brand new world.

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Summer printing, much sister favorite. So, of course, this dresses are essential wardrobe items in a single product. However, go out in the summer under the hot sun, it seems more important to choose a spinning shirt. This light yellow sunscreen shirt, although the style is nothing special, but with your print dress seems to have a clear contrast. Between each other, adding a sense of fashion. Yellow high heels, is not it also grab eye?


Speaking of yellow, there will be a lot of sister like this color, more publicity personality. If it is a yellow dress, you will love it? Lotus leaf cuffs, there is also a perspective on the chest effect, loose upper body, package hip design skirt, sexy and intellectual. Solid color dresses will inevitably be a little monotonous, but decorated in the neck decorated with a chain of white flowers, it seems to break this monotonous feeling.

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