Amber - a brand with quality than the big, with fast fashion than the price of the brand

Anbeier, pregnant baby industry has a 10-year history of the brand, agents now have more than 95% of the capital cities across the country, this decade Abe children have been focused on one thing - the mother and child products Good! Quality, comfort, safety, health, environmental protection is the core of Abe baby brand, product line covers underwear, baby sets, hug, sleeping bags, bibs, gloves, bottles, shoes, socks, Say that Abe children's product line is unmatched by the general domestic brand. Most of the brands within the mall and to join the main franchise, but the products that cover the Aubeil provinces and municipalities agents, but also shopping malls and successfully entered some of the famous maternal and child sales system, can have such a flexible mode of operation Full advantage of the Abe children's products and big brands than the product quality, more and faster fashion brand than the unique price advantage! Compared with the big-name quality: Ann Belle every piece of knitted fabrics are produced in their own factories, strict control of production to ensure that every piece of fabric through the national quality supervision agencies testing, this is Abe children to the community Responsibility, so that consumers feel comfortable to wear, bold wear. And fast fashion brand than the price: H & M, ZARA, GAP, UNIQLO ...... and other international fast fashion brand to today's Chinese apparel market has brought a very strong impact, a huge development team adequate protection of products, professional production technology to ensure fast fashion products Quality, the most terrible is that they ensure the quality of the same time, the price is generally lower than the domestic baby brand 30-40%, so by virtue of this unique advantage they quickly seize the domestic market, the baby market to form a huge The impact! However, fortunately, the Amber brand also maintained the same quality with domestic brands but only fast fashion brand sales price, by virtue of this advantage Amber brand successfully reached the well-known domestic sales system and the mother and the baby, Disney, Snoopy and other brands to form a complementary competition. With long-term price guarantees, the Arbel team continues to work hard to create a satisfactory product for the reseller. Only in late 2014 to early 2015 is the design team working tirelessly to see the major agents for their needs and opinions One walk away is one China! Willing to change for the market, this is Abe children's responsibility to agents! ANBER 2016 spring and summer new conference will soon kick off, this is designed for consumers and products, which is a result of the work of the Abel development team this quarter, a review! This is a quarter to be looked forward to ... AMBER products in the mother and baby sales system AMBER products in the mother and baby sales system AMBER products in the mother and baby sales system At present, A small amount of blank areas are investment, welcome aspiring to work together with Amber children to do one thing and seek common development! Contact Us Guangdong Happy Castle Development Co., Ltd. GuangDong Happy Castle Development Co., Ltd. China Merchants Hotline / Tel: Fax: Address: A2602, Zhongmin Times Square, 3012 Sungang East Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

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