Masfer.SU young fashion summer sweet single product recommendation

Masfer.SU is the sister of "Masfield". This is the new brand that the "Masfield" fashion company designed for young white-collar workers from 20 to 40 years old. Good at a revolutionary design, the use of simple, soft lines, pay attention to the use of the corner, showing the white-collar women elegant, dignified, without losing the sweet and lovely woman, this summer Masfer.SU brought to the majority of OL What sweet match, take a look at it!

玛丝菲尔 - Marisfrolg

Printing boom continues to heat up this season! Impression of plants embellished with fresh natural flavor, light yellow honey and black collision of the new vision, elegant and charming or pretty stylish.

Masfer.SU年轻时装 夏季甜美单品推荐

Take advantage of bright summer days to end, and quickly go to the bar, SU unique pattern printing full exotic resort style, also presents elegant and charming atmosphere.

Masfer.SU年轻时装 夏季甜美单品推荐

Want to be comfortable and modern? SU navy blue shorts details Collision Design elegant taste filled somewhat interesting, embellished fluorescent green lifted the overall color, fresh and pretty.

Masfer.SU年轻时装 夏季甜美单品推荐

No distance sense of fashion is not to highlight your adorable temperament it? Pumpkin flower printing very close, peaceful atmosphere, gentle, sweet, slightly slightly intellectual children.

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Trailer Cover

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