Lemon yellow dress suitable for summer wear? Lemon yellow dress how to match?

Hot summer is coming, the wardrobe is not heavy clothing, put on the light of the shorts, dresses ... In the cold winter clothes are random with a sense of hierarchy, into the summer, there is no coat, coat to With the shape, a simple symbol of the lemon yellow dress also allows you in the hot summer personality and elegant ...


Hot summer, swallow a cold lemonade, it must taste very enjoyable, then now you can wear lemon yellow boldly in their own body, feel the jumping atmosphere anytime, anywhere. Lemon yellow dress, attract high degree of attention, head-on gives a refreshing summer beauty. Black wavy doll collar is very significant temperament, transparent lace sleeves room to add some small sexy, slightly fluffy hem is very sweet, prominent waist, with a pair of high heels, instantly become the goddess of long legs.

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