ZARA latest modeling album 2014 autumn and winter women's fashion trends

Recently, Zara released a photo album for women's fashion in October 2014, making people feel that the strong north wind began to whistling. In October of the autumn season, doing homework for the fall and winter clothes, Zara sculpted the album in October. It seems that the Oversize match will lead the autumn and winter trend and will not be dismissed as the "Swatch of the fashion industry".

ZARA最新造型画册 2014秋冬女装流行趋势 (图1)

ZARA最新造型画册 2014秋冬女装流行趋势 (图2)

ZARA最新造型画册 2014秋冬女装流行趋势 (图3)

Let's take a look. With a medium-washed grain denim jacket, can the tannins be able to rise? Be windy and put on cloak-style coats. Wool Duffle Coat Are you afraid of the cold wind from West Bosilla? This season's styling from short jackets, cloak-style coats, to long coats, has always been simple lines and there is no lack of fashionable atmosphere, this winter you also worry about not On the trend?

ZARA最新造型画册 2014秋冬女装流行趋势 (图4)

ZARA最新造型画册 2014秋冬女装流行趋势 (图5)

ZARA最新造型画册 2014秋冬女装流行趋势 (图6)

Trendy print tee, sun baseball cap, tough Martin boots, in addition to PU leather jacket, what models can hold such a boy's gas field? neat short paragraph does not do a little more than a dozen superfluous design, straight line design method and overall Conformity.