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For a lingerie shop, the sparrow is small, all-encompassing. The manager as the shop's core, its ability to work and leadership, a direct impact on the entire store sales. Especially as a young manager who is still inexperienced, it is particularly important to quickly upgrade the new manager's ability through a professional and effective training.


Training teacher is in class

The afternoon of November 26, 2014 , a two-day and one night water flower "strongest manager" training camp sixth period, the headquarters of Zhejiang Langzi Industrial Co., Ltd. ended successfully. The training targeted at the new manager to help students clear responsibilities, the manager of the shop manager must have the basic skills, so that the manager in the store's overall operation and shaping the image of the store to play its due role.


Serious and yet active classroom atmosphere


Teacher to explain 14 selling points of autumn and winter products

The training course takes the manager's responsibility and positioning, basic shop management, new product selling point learning and copying as the main content, teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes, especially for the new manager. Rich and enriching the course content and vivid and interesting teaching mode make every student learn passion and gain a lot.


Champion team share learning experience


Students photo

After the training, trainees got the impression that as a manager, in addition to managing and executing the daily work of the store, it is also crucial to enrich their own practical experience and related skills to establish a good role model for other employees in the store, so as to enhance Shop performance and provide better customer service.

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