"Tiling" is expected to be written in Xi'an Local Law

"Tiling" is expected to be written in Xi'an Local Law

“After some time, the tiles peeled off the car downstairs, making people feel bad. The two days began to repair the community, but we still worry that the hidden dangers can not be completely ruled out. Can we eliminate this hidden danger at once?” Xi’an Park South Road, Chaoyang Garden community owners reflect.

Chaoyang Garden: Start self check

Chaoyang Garden District began to make houses in 2010. At present, the outer wall tiles of the nine buildings in the community have been peeled off to varying degrees. At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the community that two "Spider-Man" were tapping on the exterior wall tiles of Building No. 6 building, and there were many tiles scattered downstairs.

There is also a thick layer of tile fragments under the No. 1 block in the community. “This is a knock-off. Some time ago, the tiles dropped from the upper floors gave the glass of one household in No. 1 building and the air-conditioner outboard. They also downstairs. The two cars were paralyzed," the owners said.

A staff member named Li Xiang from the Property Security Department of Chaoyang Garden District said: “We also heard about the drop of tiles in the Chang’an district. We started the overall inspection of the exterior wall of the community last Friday and it did happen before. We have already compensated the owners for the fact that the tiles have been peeled off to the owner’s air conditioners and cars.” The staff member said, “The safety risks will be eliminated first, and how to handle the wall after knocking off the tiles is still in progress. discuss."

Xinlong natural home: daily inspection

In the same way, Xinlong Natural Residential Area on the South Road of the Park also has a large area of ​​external wall tiles peeling off, and the side of No. 1 Building of the north gate of the residential area has been repaired with a color-approaching paint, and it does not appear abruptly.

“We have a special person to inspect the external walls every day and feel free to handle them at any time. Please 'Spider Man' smash down empty areas and repair them with waterproof material. This way, on the one hand, safety risks can be minimized and the owner can be guaranteed. The home will not leak water due to the peeling of tiles,” said Mr. Yao, the property project manager of the community.

Insiders: Developers for Easy Sales Using Exterior Insulation Tiles

An industry insider who did not wish to be named told the China Business Daily that now developers choose to use external insulation because it does not occupy indoor space and the house is easy to sell. However, external insulation is not conducive to wall tile adhesion. Generally, five years or so There will be a stripping situation. "The inner wall is kept warm and the tiles can be maintained for nearly ten years."

“Like this kind of situation, many communities are present at present. After a hollow place is knocked off, the incompleteness has to be dealt with as soon as possible. Otherwise, the wind and rain, and the tiles that are closely attached to it are also easy to peel off. The best way to deal with it is to knock it down. Lose, change the insulation coating, but this cost is relatively large, the general community will not choose to do so.” Chaoyang Garden District checked the 6th floor of the “Spider Man” said.

“Since the external tiling has such a big security risk, why did you want to post this? We hope relevant departments can issue policies to properly handle these problems,” said Mr. Feng, a citizen.

Exposure table

Yesterday, the reporter took 135 "drop tiles" clues

There are more than 40 buildings have been exploded

According to the data, as of yesterday, 135 clues showed that the building's external walls had dropped tiles, involving the relevant circumstances in the province. These 135 clues have removed communities and other buildings that have been exposed by repeated media, and more than 40 buildings have been exposed by tiles. These “raw building” buildings are distributed in every administrative area of ​​Xi’an.

Due to the large number of communities involved, the reporter screened out some of the injured and hidden dangers in the community, and conducted a telephone call and exposure. In the remaining communities, we will put all the lists into the relevant administrative departments. They urge the relevant property companies to investigate and repair them as soon as possible. The newspaper will follow up and understand the repairs in a timely manner.

maintenance proposal

Netizens complained about the loss of exterior wall tiles

Xi'an Municipal Government reply: Available housing repair funds to solve

Recently, some netizens reported to the provincial and municipal governments through the website of the local leaders of the People's Daily of the People's Daily that the tiles on the external walls of the Furong Mansion had fallen off. After verifying the situation, the Xi'an Municipal Government confirmed the facts and proposed to solve it with housing maintenance funds.

Jinxiu Furong Gongguan Community is located in Beifuzhuang North Road, Taihua Road, Xincheng District, Xi'an, and is the construction of Shaanxi Xiyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. According to netizens, there are more than 300 households on 28 floors in Building 3 of the community, and now they have already stayed in more than 280 households. On September 13, 2014, after the exterior wall tiles began to fall off and damaged many vehicles, it began on April 1 this year. Shedding, and as long as the wind outside the wall tiles off, the building is also off within the tiles.

The Xi'an municipal government responsible for hosting the complaint recently replied that after the investigation, netizens reported that it was true. This problem can be solved using house maintenance funds. At present, residential property companies have posted safety protection notices and formulated maintenance plans. They will be implemented soon after consultation with the owners according to relevant procedures and approval by the housing management department.

Construction Management

"Falling tiles" is expected to be written into local regulations

The reporter learned from the relevant department of Xi’an City yesterday that the rules concerning the management of exterior wall decoration of buildings are expected to be included in the “Administrative Regulations on the Safe Use of Urban Houses in Xi’an”. Once the regulations are incorporated, there will be clear management rules for the “tile drop” phenomenon. In addition, relevant departments in Xi’an will also collaborate with related departments in recent days to require the housing security and construction authorities of all districts, counties, and development zones to investigate and rectify the hidden dangers of wall decoration bricks in buildings in the region.

“At present, Xi’an’s local regulations on housing quality are based on the “Administrative Regulations for the Safe Use of Urban Homes in Xi’an,” which was promulgated in 2004. However, at that time, the community did not realize the safety of exterior wall facing bricks. Hidden trouble." A person in charge of the relevant department in Xi'an yesterday said that the drawbacks of tile tiles were gradually exposed in 2011. The Xi'an Urban-Rural Construction Committee also issued a notice in that year that the construction unit must not lay tiles on the outer facades of the buildings above the three floors. How can the exterior wall facing bricks of buildings before 2011 be good? There are no rules in the "Regulations". Therefore, there is no clear guidance on how to manage exterior wall facing bricks and how to define the management subjects and responsible units of “dropping tiles”.

“According to this situation, we are currently working on the amendment of the "Regulations." Yesterday, the responsible person said, "While the rules for the management of the external wall decorative tiles will be incorporated into this legislation, this foreseeable problem Resolve it in time."

Once the “tile drop” is included in the regulations, routine maintenance of exterior wall facing bricks, supervision units, how to deal with hidden dangers, and responsibility for accidents will all have clear regulations and support.

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