The spiritual effect of natural tourmaline

1 black tourmaline (black tourmaline): black tourmaline looks dark and deep.

(1) It can effectively eliminate stress, fatigue, and turbidity, improve health and improve luck.

(2) For those who are sleepy at night, who are easily frightened and have nightmares, placed black tourmaline, have the function of stabilizing the space energy field, and can ward off evil spirits.

(3) Help to protect patients from outside interference, concentrate on raising diseases and enhance recovery speed.

2 Blue tourmaline (blue tourmaline): Blue tourmaline is a rare and precious gem, corresponding to the throat and the third eye, the main communication and sensitivity.

(1) It can effectively enhance communication, expression and persuasion.

(2) For those who are too bold, generous, generous, and enthusiastic, they are easily taken care of by others and cause themselves to suffer. Wearing blue tourmaline can balance this personality.

3 green tourmaline (green tourmaline): Green tourmaline corresponds to the heart wheel, is a kind of gem that can make people happy, happy and satisfied, also known as the stone of wealth.

(1) Green light is the light of wealth, and can make people happy, and make money.

(2) Green light is easy to help to make good friends, good relationships, good luck, and easy to get the appreciation of the boss and the help of the nobles.

(3) It can help to eliminate the troubles, depression and unhappiness in the heart, and bring true happiness and joy. It is especially effective for those who have depression, autism or easy self-denial.

(4) Those who are weak, unwilling, and unwilling to do things can help discover the joy of work, and are willing to invest and go all out to get self-fulfilling satisfaction.

4 rose tourmaline (red, pink tourmaline): the red color of the tourmaline is widely distributed, mostly between pink and pink, a few deep red like ruby ​​color, its energy makes people passionate, unrestrained, cheerful Comfortable, corresponding to the heart, very flattering.

(1) Giving a rose tourmaline to the opposite sex is a good way to express love and capture the other's atrium; wearing a rose tourmaline is also easy to attract a wonderful love, ideal partner; or to make the relationship between husband and wife more dense.

(2) When others have a prejudice against you, it helps to improve the relationship between each other; when you are more indifferent to others, you can enhance each other's popularity; at the same time, help to eliminate the indifference and arrogance of one's heart. , strange and all kinds of abnormal psychology, making people easy to get along with.

(3) For those who often need to deal with the public or work, it helps to spread personal charm and strengthen leadership traits, naturally attracting more people and gaining people's support.

(4) For ladies who love beauty, it is said that there is also the role of beauty and beauty.

5 Watermelon tourmaline (watermelon tourmaline): Watermelon tourmaline is in a spar. It has the characteristics of red inside and blue green outside. It is similar to the tourmaline of watermelon. Because of its name, the quantity is rare, so the price is more expensive. It is said that Cixi The hem of the pillow that sleeps too late is the watermelon tourmaline.

(1) Help to eliminate all conflicts, contradictions and complex complexes in the heart, so that people can have a happy and happy mood.

(2) People who are in complex relationship, interest disputes or conflicts of emotional conflicts can help to resolve myths and see the truth; for men and women who are passionate, passionate and often emotionally entangled, help to escape from multi-party relationships. Out, to make you feel good, you can also get true love.

(3) Public relations personnel, salesmen, clerk and reception staff, wearing watermelon tourmaline, can help to promote the business, and can strengthen communication, coordination, and deal with complex situations and achieve satisfactory results.

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