Taiwanese ladies' favorite jewelry is emerald and sapphire

What jewelry is the first choice for ladies and actresses? Chopard, the top Swiss jewellery brand, points out that the most preferred jewels for Taiwanese ladies are emeralds and sapphires.

According to reports, this year's top jewellery fair, "Chopin" special airlift to Taiwan, a group of billions of emerald necklaces and earrings, elegant diamond tassels hanging on the chest, and in the woman's sexiest clavicle points set a 35.9-carat single pear-shaped cutting emerald.

As for sapphire, this time Chopin chose to match the elegant pearls, and the precious sapphires weighing 75.82 carats are in the center of the pearl necklace, which is a strong bloom.

"Sculpture Long Earrings" is another highlight of this year's top jewellery fair. "Chopin" pointed out that nearly 20 pieces of long earrings were exhibited in Taiwan, including garnet, amethyst, red tourmaline and even grandmother. Green and diamonds are quite eye-catching.

"Chopin" also analyzes the reason why the long earrings have been popular in recent years, mainly because the styles of the international actresses wearing jewellery have gradually replaced the value of the long necklace with the eye-catching earrings, which not only fully demonstrates the ear. Sexy, but also unexpectedly created a new fashion trend for everyone to wear long earrings to walk the red carpet.

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