Spring and summer 2015 popular colors: red and blue literature and art

It is red, lake blue, and daring striking color is striking, but compared to red and green, the combination of red and blue is reminiscent of the pop and rebellion of pop art works; No mercy, in addition to the "low-key" black primer, gold, yellow, brown and other earth color in which the mix and match is also not in violation of, but instead balance the red and blue sense of exile, appears to be rich and harmonious.

This is a type of yarn dyed fabric, although it is not in heavy weight, fabric quality is not low.

In order to low down fabric cost to catch a part of customer`s request, we explore this type of fabric.

When you touching this fabric, you will feel its softness and gentle, when it hang on as a Window Curtain, it has a vertical sense.

Popular Jacquard Curtain fabric FR2054

Supermarket popular curtain FR3060


Jacaquard Window Curtain

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